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Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas & Eyes Makeup Look

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas & Eyes Makeup LookWe are going to create a very smooth and very easy smoky eye today and you need to keep an attentive look to adopt that look, because I can tell you o matter which shade of eyes you have, you can pull this look on ad it would look beautiful on your and I can tell you that it would look perfect for your day to day look and if you add some shimmer then you can carry this look for evenings dates too.

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

We will start with clean and washed skin and after applying base, we will apply serum and primer and we will give it some time to get absorbed and then we will take couple of shade lighter then skin tone foundation or concealer and we will apply right all over the lid and the skin around the eye too, blend till it become super transparent, BTW do you know that if you add some highlighter in your foundation or concealer when you apply over your eyes then  you can get the most magical look possible and it would look absolutely natural too.

Anyways, once you are done with your base and your eye brows we will start with eye makeup, we will start with plain white eye shade base and apply all over the lid and blend well, and then we will take dark chocolate brown shade and apply over the outer corner of your eyes and blend it in the crease well, once you are done with blending, take copper browns shade and tab over the outer V of the eyes and then over the crease too, I am using  brown shade cause it look great with light blue eyes, so you need to pick the shade which look good with your eyes.

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup

Now we will pick the perfect blue shade which will highlight the shade of your own eyes, since the eyes, I am working with are beautiful blue so I am picking mauve blue, so you need to pick the shades which will make your eyes look the best, anyways! We will take frosty blue shade and we will tab over the crease and you can see that brown and blue are creating a very beautiful shade over your crease, now we will take the small, liner brush and we will take brown shade and we will apply right under your lower lash line and then we will take same frosty mauve shade and blend that brown shade with that, now take the same shade and blend over the tear duct as well and blend till it look smooth.

Now we will take pure black gel liner and apply a thick liner over the upper lash line and now apply a thick line over the water line too, and then we will finish the look with pure black mascara too, now we will add the dramatic touch, we will take pure silver shade and we will tap right over the inner 1/3 of inner eye lid and we will not take too much, but we will keep it simple and don’t blend it too.

Eyes Makeup Look

Just give it a try and let me know what you think about it : )

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