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Soft Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

There are lots of things that you can try if you have regular brown eyes with brawn and Asian complexion, but if you have green eyes and Asian eye shape and skin tone then you need to understand your eye and you should try some simple and soft looking eye makeup and here is a simple Soft Green Eye Makeup Tutorial for you to apply and see if it look good on you.

As we all know that you need to start with foundation and then some primer and once you are done with that you are almost ready to get the beautiful soft eye look and for that I am picking teal, and greens and then apply a simple line on the lid and then blend it with your finger for best result as much as you can and it would look like a green Smokey look, but not dramatic or glamorous, you are using simple shades not shimmer or glitter one, you just use shades and then blend them well.

Soft Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Once you are done with your base shades then you will take a bit darkest green eye shadow and apply at the outer corner of your eyes and rub it outward with your finger or brush, but I will say that you use your finger now take copper eye shadow and a slightly shimmery  green shade and blend it well on the back side of your hands and blend it well and then apply that blended shaded over your blended dark green and teal eye shadow and you just need to apply that in the middle of the eye like over eye ball.

Green Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now when you see that shades are perfectly applied then take black eye shadow and apply it in the outer corner and make a smooth and soft V at the outer corner and blend it well but don’t sabotage the shape of your V, now take a copper highlighter and apply it over the eyebrow bone and on the inner corner, but you need to apply the smallest amount and rub it with finger and apply bright dark green eye shadow on the lower lash line and yellow in the inner corner of lower lash line and finish the look with light brown mascara and liner.

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