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How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

 Smokey eye makeup TipsSmokey Eye Makeup – In addition to the great Smoky eyes are formed. Trends in the world consists of a hot, bright and feminine beauty glam look. So why Smokey Eye Makeup to every woman to wear her time ran out.

Smokey Eye Makeup TutorialsMaking of Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey various bits that make up the eyes, the eyes are normal and the skills needs of the various elements of the application.How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

We are going to make a look that will give you diva impact within just 10 minutes, if you are in the mood of smoky eyes and if you are ready to blend a lot then pick that look, cause there are couple of shades that I am going to use today and then we will blend and make few more shades with these shades;) anyways, I am using dark blue and light blue shade for that look, but you are free to use the same look with any other shade.legant Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

First of all you apply base, I want you to use dramatically fine finish and if you have skin issues then you can use airbrush too, cause this look is a bit loud and a bit dramatic so pick fine and flawless skin for that and then we will apply the creamy base or primer and then we will give the lids time to absorb the moisturizer and mean while we will groom the brows we are using light brown and black eye shade to groom the brows and then blend well, then we will take plain white or silver base shade and apply it all over the lid, from lash to bone and some over the bone too.

Now with a black pencil we will create the smooth line, from the outer end of the lid and then all around the crease till the inner corner of the lid, but don’t touch the inner corner of the lid and then with a medium size brush blend it well, we are not blending the shade in, instead, we are blending the shade a bit around the line and then we will take grey eye shadow, now you just need to take the brightest and the smoothest gray shade and apply in between the black outline, and then we will take some midnight blue shade and apply on the outer corner of the lid and some over the crease too, now we will take some bright shiny gray shade and will apply on the inner corner of the lid too and some under the lid too and blend with smooth brush.Smokey eye makeup tutorials

Now take darkest blue or gray shade or liner and draw a smooth line under the lower lash line and then blend with thin brush instantly and then we will apply a thick line of the same liner over the upper lash line and finish the look with thick mascara, I did not use highlighter, but if you want then you can use plain silver highlighter on bones, and on the inner corner of your eyes.Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 6 Step

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