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Sleeping During Pregnancy

Best Sleeping During PregnancyPregnancy is the period when most of our habits either automatically changed or we have to change for the better results, Not only the eating habits are changed but sleep also affects greater to the child’s development.

Sleeping During Pregnancy

Tips For Sleeping During Pregnancy

The experts suggest definite positions and timings to sleep as given below

  1. It is said to sleep on side is better for the child and for the mother also. The left side sleep is more beneficial then the right side due to the following facts. While sleeping to the left side the heart beat is to be more normal when you sleep during pregnancy.
  2. The blood flow to the baby is also more and with this the reach of essential nutrients to the baby, and he gets more supply of food. This position is also helpful for kidney functioning as they eliminate more fluid and waste product from the body and so chances of swelling at ankles and wrist are to be reduced.
  3. Sleep at the back is not recommended due to the fact while the size of uterus increasing day by day it will exert pressure on the spine and will create the backache and hemorrhoids, abdominal pain and intestinal disturbances as well, so better to keep your self at the side wise too avoid all these problems. Though it is not easy to stay I n one position whole night but if you make it your habit in the beginning it will be helpful for you in later period and give you comfort to carry the pregnancy.
  4. Some times the sleep at back cause the  blood pressure fluctuation and if it get low then the whole day spend with dizziness and if it shoots then other problems of headache and swelling of ankles etc are seen. So keep you in right left position that is better when you sleep during pregnancy.

Tips For Sleeping During Pregnancy


  • The stimulants as alcohol coffee, Tea and all such to be avoided for good night sleep. Similarly before to bed avoid the strenuous exercise and some horror movie, because due to pregnancy there is fear of all the consequences and often night mares are seen by moms. So make your sleep good by creating healthy and positive activities for yourself before going to bed.

Sleeping During Pregnancy First Trimester

Make cat naps during day time so that compensate the night lost sleep and make pregnancy easy.

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