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Top 10 Skin Hair Removal Step By Step For Beauty Skin

Skin Hair RemovalSkin Hair Removal & Hairless skin is the desire of every woman due to its unpleasant look. As our exposure to public is increasing day by day so our demands for smooth and glowing skin are increasing. Desire to remove the unwanted, black, thick hairs from the skin is from the puberty to the old age. Whether these hairs on face or at any other part of body except scalp.


Skin Hair Removal

There are following three reasons for growth more then normal.

  • Skin Hair Removal in Genetics: some ladies have growth of skin hair more then normal due to the fact they inherit it from there parents. As we know that each of our characteristic is genetically coded by our parents. so if the genes of male member get dominated in case of this character the child will automatically have this problem.
  • Hormonal changes; As in puberty there is great fluctuation in hormonal levels, if the balance in there amount of secretions is disturbed either by diet, or some physical abnormality..Or mental stress or any other emotional problem it will increase the level of testosterone (male hormone) in body to cause the unusual skin hairs.
  • Area of body; some parts of body have excess hair gland by natural distribution, so if these are  more active then it will be reason of this,

Skin hair removal All of these factors must be considered while choosing the method of hair removal. There are following methods to remove the skin hairs.

Top 10 Skin Hair Removal Step By Step For Beauty Skin

BLEACHING; It is basically not a hair removal method but just to lighten the hair, if these are thin. Very soft and lighter as on face neck arms. In this the chemical applied on skin for sometime then wiped and washed with cold water but before it skin sensitivity should be checked.

THREADING; It is the method of physical hair removal. In this fine thread is used and twisted in finger in scissor form and when it is  applied on hairy skin it will pluck the hairs  from their roots, though it is inexpensive and just need a skill to remove the hairs but it is bit painful and by continuous applying make the skin rough.

SKIN HAIR REMOVAL SHAVING; It is again a physical hair removal with use of some razor, it is used for thick and dense growth and may be used some extent at bikini lines and under arms and it will after gives the greenish shade to skin which is not pleasant look.

SKIN HAIR REMOVAL WAXING; It is too a physical method of hair removal. in this method a wax is made in home or available in markets, in home it is made with one cup of water and four cups of sugar cooked to gain the sticky consistency and after cooking applied in the direction of hair growth, when it get stick it is removed opposite to hair removal direction and leaves soft smooth skin.


  1. Electrolysis; in this an electric current is applied to remove the hair permanently, it destroy the hair follicles and in it two types are used needle depilatory or tweezers depilatory. In both cases it is costly and leave the spots at he place of hair removal.
  2. Laser; it is more reliable and latest removal method. In it some radiations are thrown on the skin which burn the hairs from roots with out damaging the skin. But the draw backs of it are that it is costly, sometimes causes skin burns and inflammation if these drawbacks are overcome then it’s the best among all.

Top 10 Skin Hair Removal Step By Step For Beauty Skin



1.     Apply a mixture of fresh lemon juice and honey in ratio of 1:4 in direction of hair grot and then remove in opposite direction, it may be done twice in a weak.

2.     To turn the hair golden brown apply 2 tbs of lemon juice and ½ tbs of sugar daily at night for 2 months..

3.     Blend a mixture of egg white, 1,tbs of sugar and two tbs of corn flour on the skin hairs then allow it to dry and then peel off. apply it twice a weak.

4.     Mix well ground white pepper, camphor and few drops of kerosene oil and applied, it will cause falling of hairs; it is used for legs hair removal.

5.     Take 75% besan, 25% haldi  and in it add some oil or almond oil, then the paste is applied on hairy skin and rubbed gently to diminish the hair growth especially in little children. All the above mentioned used according to the strength, density and area of location.

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