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Skin Care Using Flower Essences From Findhorn Flower Essences

Skin Care Using Flower Essences From Findhorn Flower Essences ; God made flower for beauty of our eyes and you can get beauty from these flowers. These are good things to get them on your face and body. Boil some patel of rose in the water and wash your body with them you will feel fresh and healthy. You can add rose water in your bathtub and wash your self-daily and get fresh with it. This will give us happiness and good comments from other, if we feel fresh then we can fresh others as well. So daily bath with the water and perfumed soap.

Skin Care Using Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are vibrational medicine. Each plant has its specific essence or spirit that imparts a particular aura, life force or vibrational energy. The flower essences contain the energetic vibration of the plant, infused in water and preserved with alcohol.

(Note: there are energies other than flowers, therefore, Vibrational Essences or Vibrational Medicine are the umbrella names of all Essences or Remedies made of different types of energy).

How do flower essences work?

Flower essences contain the healing power of nature. The essences have a positive effect on the body, emotions and mind. They address more the psychological root of the symptoms than the physical symptoms themselves. Therefore, two people with the same symptoms of, for example, an ulcer do not necessarily obtain the same essences if the root of the problem is different.Skin Care Using Flower Essences From Findhorn Flower Essences

Lack of rest, stress at work, foods such as coffee and sugar, the wrong lifestyle, etc. They can often restrict the natural flow of energy in the body. These blockages in the body’s energy systems can cause imbalances and weaken it to the point of causing physical symptoms. The lack of energy in some parts of the body can cause tensions in the nervous system or the digestive system, for example, and the organs of these systems do not get the energy they need to function properly.

Our body has an innate internal healing power and when we give it the space it needs it can do incredible things. Floral essences help us release the stuck energy and, therefore, create the conditions for the body to heal itself.
The old and new shocks and traumas, communication problems, emotional and mental stress, negative attitudes, etc. They tend to remain as blocks of energy in the emotions and the mind, leading to destructive feelings and thoughts. If they are not brought to the surface and treated, these blockages often manifest themselves in the form of underlying or conscious anger, anxiety, depression, fear, pain, insecurity, insomnia, loneliness, worries, etc. Floral essences help us bring all this to the surface and give us the power to turn severe emotional wounds and unwanted thought patterns into balance, peace, strength and understanding.

For whom are the flower essencesFor whom are the flower essences

Floral essences are for everyone. It is completely impossible that they have a negative effect. They do not heal or repair one part of us at the expense of another. It is also impossible for you to choose the essence of the “wrong” flower, because if you do not need its effect, it will simply flow through you without you noticing any effect. You can experience a possible and short-lived side effect, since we can feel an emotion while working and being released.
Since flower essences are made of the essence or vibration of the plant, and not of its substance or corporeal body, it is completely safe for someone who may be allergic to certain plants to use floral essences, since there is nothing that can cause a reaction allergic. Flower essences are a great help and support for anyone who is receiving therapy of any kind.

The flower essences on this page comprise a small set of specialized essences for “skin care” applications. They can be used alone, mixed with other essences or combined with other ingredients, such as essential oils or herbs, in mixed products for skin care.

These essences work at the energetic level, supporting the cells and tissues of the skin in their efficient functioning. They can be used topically on the skin, or they can be taken (like all flower essences) internally, either individually or combined in mixtures.

Beautiful skin essence:Healthy skin balance Multiple flowers

This mix was developed for a practitioner in Hollywood whose high profile clients need beautiful skin. Now we offer it to you with congratulations from many familiar faces. People love this essence!

Ageratum Lelani Blue, Aloe Ciliaris, Avocado, Banana, Bee Balm, Bloodroot, Capeweed, Cucumber, Dandelion, Date Palm, Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue, The Fairy Rose, Flow Free, Frontenac Rose, Healthy Coat, Hepatica, Hellebore, Jewelweed, Mallow, Maple, rhubarb, rosemary, outburst, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Sago Palm, Sweet Olive, Vitex

Healthy skin balance Multiple flowers

An essence to help the skin to have a healthy balance between its many multiple layers and its many functions, all working in harmony with each other, and for the health and general balance of the body. It is important that the skin, being the largest organ of the body, is in a state of optimal balance and health.

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