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Skin Care Guide In Ramadan

Earth worming is making summer too hot this time and we are kind of getting too hot and in this situation it is getting too difficult to get beautiful  and healthy skin and if you are one of those who have to go out too then the life is not easy for your girls and world is becoming a supper hot oven, and if you want to keep your skin healthy, fresh and glowing during the month of Ramadan when you cannot drink water as much as you want or you should and you get dehydrated and that shows on your skin so if you cannot get beautiful  skin from inside out then you need to do it opposite way.

First of all you need to eat healthy and beautiful foods and you have to avoid oily and friend food as much as you can, eat healthy and natural things and you have to add yogurt in your suhoor or iftar and you have to drink one cumin seed, slat and yogurt smoothie twice a day  which means you have t drink one glass in suhoor or iftar and you have to apply plain organic yogurt on your face too and let it get dry and then scrub it off and you would love the result.

Skin Care Guide In Ramadan

If you think that your skin is getting dehydrated and you need some help then you just need to take a mixture of cucmber and mint and apply that all over your face or you can use the juices of these and keep spraying that over your face to get the smooth moisturized skin and this will not only help you get moisturized skin, but it will help you get fairer and clearer skin too.

When you feel any kind of starch or dryness you should wash your face and apply some plain tomato pulp with honey and you can use these two things separately too and it will help you with summer skin too.

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You can use summer fruits to kill the heat of summer and for that you just need to take any fruit of the season and apply that over your face, like you can use banana, mango or even Mellon and these are very great for your skin and if you don’t like to use the fruits then you can use lime juice or juice of grapes or you can use the plain grapes for that too.

Protect your skin and enjoy summer with open arms and keep us in your fast prayers.

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