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Six Pack abs Workout

Six Pack ABSSix Packs abs is the desirable for the many people. Mostly the boys are done this and lifting the various exercises to popped the six packs abs. The six packs abs workout routine is the most favorable and most stunning look. Just do some extra ordinary exercise that you can do this and having the six packs abs.

Six Pack Abs Workout Routine For Men at Home

To follow these six pack abs workout exercises that are present as under that affect the abdomen.

  1. Sit-up Full
  2. Hanging hip role
  3. Single Leg Plank raise
  4. Stick Crunch
  5. Using the Ab Wheel do the Rollouts
  6. Hold Straight Arm
  7. Oblique Abductor Raise
  8. Reverse Scissor Kicks Crunch
  9. Double Crunch
  10. Straight Arm Modified Crunch

Sit-up Full:

Full sit up is the most beneficial exercise of the Six Packs Abs.

The Six Best Exercises for Six Pack Abs

Just Starting With Exercise That Present as Follows:

  • Initial Position: Lay down on the floor and then bends the knees and struck your feet on the floor.
  • Then placed your hands on the head
  • Then you push your back on to towards the leg and then bent back on the floor.
  • Remember that keep your head and back in the same position and not to move around.

Hanging Hip Role:

Hanging hip role is effective for making the six packs abs and many people are trying to do this for six packs abs.

  • Just pick up the bar and hang up
  • You hang from the bar like the 90 degree.
  • Keep your leg bends on to the chest and then again go to the initial position.

Single Leg Plank Raise:

Single leg Plank raise is the difficult one but it is most common in to producing the six packs abs on the abdomen. Following steps will tell you how you can do this.

  • Start by forming a straight plank with your forearms and feet as the contact points on the ground.
  • Once the plank is formed raise one foot off the ground and then return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this movement for the desired repetitions alternating back and forth between legs.

Stick Crunch:

Stick crunch is mostly common for producing the six packs abs. The six packs abs are the most beautiful thing for the good looking body.

Six Pack Abs Workout Pdf

Following steps will help to do this exercise.

  • Start by lying on your back with your legs bent to 90 degrees.
  • Holding a stick or broom handle with both hands reach up and crunch towards your feet.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Using the Abs Wheel do the Rollouts: Abs Roller is one of the specific thing which made very helpful to making the six packs abs. The six packs abs are the most common thing in the abs exercise.

    1. Start by sitting on your knees and placing your hands on the ab wheel.
    2. Proceed to roll out with the ab wheel until your body is parallel with the floor.
    3. Using your arms pull yourself back up to a semi-upright position.
    4. Repeat for the suggested repetitions.

Six Pack ABS Workout 2015

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