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Simple Tips For Evening Makeup

I am a huge fan of natural looking make up and I love to look naturally perfect, but you cannot go on evening party with that look, you will look fed out and you will look dull, and the lights will make you look colorless, I was about to say vampire, but then thought to be modest;) well here are some simple tips that you can try to look beautiful and classy in evening parties.

First we will talk about the most important thing of the evening, you have to spend enough time picking the night dress, you need to pick the dress which make you look smart and glamorous, I mean you suppose to look fascinating and beautiful , no too much reveal and no too much shine, be subtle and be classy, there is a simple rule of evening parties, if you are using classy dress then you can be a bit crazy with your makeup and vice versa, so try your level best to use high heels, heels make you look perfect and well shaped.

Simple Tips For Evening Makeup

We all know that Parties means, having laugh, talk, fun dancing and night long entertainment, so there is no way that you can keep things on the place without touch ups, but if you use best quality things, like if you are using the best face primer, foundation or concealer then the look would last longer than usual and that is the key tip of the evening make up look, always invest in good and the best brands for cosmetics.

Face is like a canvas for makeup and you need to give your make up the best base possible, use face primer and foundation or concealer and pay extra attention in blending cause blending is the key to get flawless face and if you don’t have any scars on your face then don’t use too much coverage foundation try to use transparent and glowing foundation or concealer.

How to Simple Tips For Evening Makeup

Now you need to pay attention on your eyes and your lips, but you cannot ignore the contouring too, and we will start with eye makeup, and you should use primer and foundation on your eyes and use lose puff on your lashes cause that will make your lashed feel thick and pretty after mascara, you should use shiny eye makeup and you can sue the trick, you can use subtle shade in the base and then use some shiny highlighters and you can use transparent shiny top cots on your eyes too, and then use liner, mascara and lash curler, you need to pay attention on your eyes the most.

Since you paying attention on your eyes then you don’t need to use too bright and sharp lip make up.

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