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Pure and Simple Skin Care Treatment

I am a skin care freak, it’s not me, my family says that, I always get time to clean my skin, even if I stays at home all day long, I get time for manicure, pedicure every Friday, I get to salon twice a month for sure, and apply lime on my face to treat invisible marks that I have on my face, I apply clay and sandal wood mask 4 times a week, I apply vitamin E and C serum, I use moisturizer and sunblock, I use sunglasses and umbrella and I keep sipping lots of water throughout the day and it seems perfect for skin, but trust me it is not, today I am going to give you some beauty tips to add in your day to day routine?

First thing first, you have to clean your face everyday thoroughly, our skin is a combination of couple of layers of tissues and flash and they all are connected with coupe of net like pours, so you need to keep that thing in mind when you clean your face, you need to clean your face with outer circulation to roll out all the dirt out of the pores with smooth motions and you can do that with a whole set of things, massage, scrubbing and then moisturizing.

Pure and Simple Skin Care Treatment

We need to change couple of things in our day to day life, one should drink a lot of water, eat healthy and natural food, all the foods that come in boxes and all the foods that you get from factory instead of fields and farmhouses are bad, we get food from land, not from factories, and the things we get from factories are for use not for eat.

One should sleep well, beauty sleep is very important for beautiful skin and body and it is one thing that you can provide your body and your brain to get healthy system and healthy brain.

Simple Skin Treatment

Exercise is another very important thing that you need to do for healthy beautiful face and skin:

Never underestimate the power of defoliator, it is as important as changing the dress regularly to get beautiful skin and healthy hygiene, you can either use homemade things, home remedies or you can sue ready to use products, whatever you like, the sole purpose of all of this drill is to get rid of dead and dull skin and to peel of the old skin to get fresh and beautiful skin.

Never ever go to bed with your makeup on your face that would be the worst thing that you could do to your skin.

Smile a lot and stay healthy and happy.

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