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Simple Natural Pink Eyes

Simple Natural Pink EyesToday we are going to create a very smoky hot pink eye look for the girls with blue eyes, pink look beautiful with light blue eyes, but pink look so cute with light green and hazelnut brown eyes too, but they just need to pick the right tone of the pink, I am using a kind of smoky eye technique here, I am using couple of shades of pink and then I keep blending it to get a natural smoky impact and then I am going to add some black in this look too, and I actually love the overall look of that  combination and I love the way it creates the impact.

Hot Pink Eyeshadow TutorialWe will start with absolutely natural looking base and for that we will apply foundation or concealer over well groomed, cleaned and moisturizer skin and blend well and then we will apply some lose transparent power to set the look and create a natural finish.

Pink Eyeshadow TutorialNow we will take eye primer and rub it all over the lid and blend well, now groom your eye brows and blend well to get natural look, now we will take the a couple of tone lighter than your skin tone base shade and apply all over the lid and around your eyes and blend well, now take a silver highlighter or shade and apply all over your lid and blend it in your crease too and rub the same brush around your eyes too to get the same look.

Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Makeup TutorialNow take the richest pink creamy shade and apply a bit on the inner ½ of your eye lid with your finger and now take a small blending brush and blend it outward, but don’t let it cover your whole lid at all, keep it under your crease too, take a smaller brush to push it on the inner corner of your lid too, now we will take a bit darker shade of pink, a maroon pink shimmery shade and we will apply it at the remaining part portion of the lid, we will apply with finger again cause I personally feel creamy shimmer are a bit tricky with brushes and I feel much more comfortable with  fingers, I apply with finger tip and then we will take a smaller brush and we will start blending it, we will create a smaller moderate v at the outer end of the eye and then we will take some darker gray or black shade with smaller brush and we will blend it on the outer 1/3 of crease and blend well and then apply a bit on the maroon shade too, now blend it under the lower lash too, but no more than ½ of the lash line.

Simple Natural Eye MakeupNow we will apply a black wing with black gel liner on the upper lash line and let it extend the line at the outer corner and swing the line upward and finish the look with mascara, you can use any natural shade of pink with that and light natural shade on your cheeks.

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