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Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you want to go somewhere in day time and you want to try something simple and something  easy, simple and very wearable then trust me, you should try silver black Smokey eye and you would love this metallic look too and as we know that metallic is the new smoky then this beautiful  silver look would look absolutely perfect and contemporary, these look so cute and beautiful  and at the same time you would love the way bottom lines enhance your look, but if you are not comfortable with bottom lash line then you can skip that then you can try smooth black eye shade for your bottom too, r you ready to a beautiful  smoky eyes?

As you know that we start with moisturizer and primer and then you need to add some pinkish foundation on your lids and blend it well and allow it to sit down on your skin for a while and then we will take soft brown eye shadow and apply it all over the lid and then you need to take smooth light pink shade and rub it all over and blend it well and this will not only give you a smooth base, it will enhance  the look of your eyes too and will create a smooth impact.

Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now take black eye kohl and defined your eyes with that like, you need to apply the smooth lines on both rims near the lash line, you don’t need to use your steady hands for perfect line because we are going to smudge then later and then you need to use black eyeliner brush to blend it and smudge well and then use a fluffy brush and blend the black eyeliner upwards on the lid and make a smoky look with that.

Now you need a silver Smokey eye palette, normally these palettes do have these 4 basic colors- black, white, matte grey and shimmery silver that we are going to use in very simple steps, the most beautiful thing about these smoky eyes is you can use as many shades as you want you just need to blend it well and every color create a new touch in your look.

Silver Smokey Eye Makeup

Now first of all you will apply silver eye shadow in the inner corner and gray eye shadow on the center and black eye shadow on the outer corner now you just need to take a flat brush and blend these entire shades outer corner and keep blending till you get silver smoky touch and you need to blend any harsh line you see on your eye lid, now you need to take fluffy eye brush powder and take compact powder and rub over brow bone and over your eye brow and rub with your finger and apply plain mate white eye shadow on the inner corner with your finger and rub it well.

Finish your look with mascara and liner.

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