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Sheherzad Haider Women Slippers Collection 2012

Sheherzad Haider, whose mission is to make beautiful footwear which will not only make our feet comfortable but can compliment our outlook, has recently launched exclusive summer slippers for those young girls and women who love to make themselves much pretty and beautiful.

The brand was founded in 2011—since then, Sheherzad Haider is providing the best, good looking and trendy fashion shoes to his fans and clients.

Sheherzad Haider provides high fashion, modern, sophisticated, stylish footwear which are formal and informal at the same time.


He has already launched several collections of  beautiful and trendy shoes. And here comes another charming and colorful shoes collection for the young girls and women.

Sheherzad Haider brings every season a new brand, latest and unique shoes collection–this collection totally is according to the new are, modern designs and very attractive.

Shoes make your look, personality much attractive and impressive because shoes play an important role in the personality of human being.

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