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Severe Menstrual Cramps

Severe Menstrual CrampsSevere Menstrual Cramps Menstrual cramps are common among the women especially when the periods start in early years. It will create disturbance and pain .It is the general reason for the leave among school going and job holders. There is variety of reasons for this but the uterine contraction is the main cause of the cramps. The girl feels pain in lower abdomen, in back and in upper thighs. The feeling of nausea and vomiting is also felt with this.

There are following ways as home treatment to reduce the cramps.

BY DIET: The diet plays the major role in our inner health. The diet which contains the fibers is helpful in reducing the excess of estrogens from the body and helps to control the cramps. Avoid the chilled drinks and food because these will aggravates the conditions.  Take enough proteins in your diet so that the flow will be regulated.

TAKE THE DIETRY SUPPLEMENTS: Studies show that Vitamin E, thiamine and Omega-3 supplements may reduce menstrual cramps. Zinc and calcium have been found to reduce cramps, bloating and related PMS symptoms. Calcium and magnesium reduce muscle soreness, but must be taken for 2-3 months every day before producing a noticeable effect

REGULAR CHECKUP TO PHYSICIAN: In addition, menstrual cramps can be caused by an underlying disorder such as endometriosis or fibroids, in which case the surgical removal of tissue may be required to help alleviate your symptoms. By proper ultra sounds and external checkup the doctor can find out the reasons of cramps with suitable solution of these.

EXERCISE: If young have habit of proper exercise especially which involves the pelvis reduce the muscular cramps. It will raise the level of beta-endorphins the chemical which is secreted by brain as pain killer.


  1. Avoid caffeine, salts and alcohols in the days before the periods it will reduce the pain during the days.
  2. Take walk and mild exercise to ease the pain of the cramps.
  3. Apply heat, hot pads at the painful area to reduce the pain temporarily.
  4. Drink hot milk with sugar to reduce the pain and it will make the flow easy.

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