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Sensitive Skin Makeup Tips

How to Use Makeup Foundation for Sensitive SkinPeople with sensitive skin have to face many skin related problem because their skin easily get affected by the external factors. They must use the make very carefully.

Some makeup tips for sensitive skin are given below; try these tips and check out the outcome you get.



Silicone-based Foundation:

Silicon rich liquid foundation is best for sensitive skin. The liquid foundation is use to be more compatible with your complexion due to the presence of silicon in it. It also prevent the generation of acne and irritation. For building a perfect and spotless makeup base, make sure to choose the foundation according to your skin type as well as your skin tone.

Silicone Based Foundation Brands

Avoid Waterproof Cosmetics:

People having sensitive skin should avoid the use of waterproof cosmetic because the solvent remover which is used to remove the waterproof makeup also takes away the sebum form your skin. The removal of sebum is highly dangerous for the skin because it acts like a barrier against potential irritants that can cause skin to breakout.

Waterproof Cosmetics

Avoid Colored Eye Makeup:

Avoid colored eye makeup because it can cause harm to the sensitive skin. Professionals believe that colored mascaras and eyeliners can produce some severe allergic reactions that would irritate the skin. Black eyeliner and mascara etc is the best option for sensitive skinned people.

Colored Eye Makeup Tips

Use Pencil Eyeliner:

Eyeliners are available in liquid form as well as in pencil shape. Pencil eyeliner is a much safer option because these are wax-based and that might contain fewer preservatives and more pigments. Their liquid eyeliner enriched with latex which can produce allergic reactions. Pencil eyeliner is easy to remove and doesn’t require the use of unkind chemicals and products.

Pencil Eyeliner Tips

Avoid The Use of Old Cosmetics:

Avoid using old and expired make-up products especially over your eyes. They may have harmful effects over your sensitive skin.

Old Cosmetics Makeup Tips

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