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Self Defense Tips For Women’s

Female Self Defence TechniquesWe are living in man dominating society. We read daily in news papers and heard news where the women have to bear the violence of man and society in different ways. We can not do anything just to feel sad and get sorrows. In our society the man and other violence are to much extent that it become our habit and we become immune to this but  the  reason of all this getting increase day by day that we are unaware by the powers and energies God  blessed us and also the skills of  protecting ourselves.

If we read histories we see women who participated actively and fought battles bravely against their enemies and won. Now there is just the need of physical and verbal skills and the mental power of taking quick decision to reply your attacker before his attack and not to give him opportunity to think more then you.

Self Defense Tips For Women's

Self Defense Tips

There are certain rules which have to be followed by every woman whether inside the home or working outside the home;

  1. Make yourself well update with the crime types and crime rate in your surroundings.
  2. Women of every age and every locality will be acquainted with all the modern devices used for self defense. Understand fully which will work best for you. Arm your self with these as pepper sprays, personal alarms and etc and read carefully about their workings and trained yourself for the use and keep them in working conditions whenever they need.
  3. Not to show your fear in any way by your body gesture and by your verbal expressions.
  4. While using the self defense items make sure that what will be the result of their functioning as pepper spray, tracers, harm the assailants temporary basis and not permanent, so not to be fearful for any discomfort of your attacker. Just to think for yourself. Think that your life is most important and it is truth.
  5. If some one is giving you torture verbally then try to show the attitude that you are not getting tense with his talk but say more bitter then him by an amusing manner.

Women's Self Defense Books

Advance thinking and quick planning are the keys for self defiance and to secure yourself from your enemy so that your opponents have no chance to counter attack you.

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