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Self Breast Examination

The body gifted to us by GOD is perfect and all the features of our body not only have benefit but also as whole give us the charming look. The breast of course is a major feminine feature. So it is our duty to care and save these body features with our utmost efforts. There are certain diseases which are so painful in their effects but also in their consequences.

Breast cancer is one among them. It is very painful and emotionally stressful to have the breast cancer and to have the mastectomy. In spite of all pains physical as well as emotional it is a long life risk problem. And really change your whole life when you suddenly come to know that you have breast cancer and as result of it you have to loose your feminine feature.

In order to avoid all the miseries which you have to face by sudden shock of hearing this it is suggested and advisable to check your breast frequently by self examine method.

Breast self examination BSE is not an authentic method for the disease but it just gives the clue of any abnormality in breast tissues. In BSE you use your eyes and hands. In this way you find out any potent abnormality. Afterward it is confirmed by screening test. As you grow you will notice the sensitiveness and tenderness in your breast it is a normal factor. Making the habit of examining your breast in teen age is helpful to exclude some underlying diseases.

There are some measures to be adopted while examining the breast;

  • Breast examination should be started as you reach to your puberty and periods are to start.
  • The breast examination should be performed after every periods usually a week after period and in this way in each cycle you will check the breast and gradually you become acquainted with all the changes in your breasts.
  • Some women have to be more sensitive and they can feel any minute abnormality while changing dress or taking bath but others remain unaware with these until properly examined or under go screening tests.
  • After taking bath before dressing take a mirror in front of you and see how your breast look like, the shape of nipple any discharge from the nipple and any difference in both breast.
  • Now feel the breast by changing the position of your arms by keeping hands on your hips or by taking them at back by rising toward heads.
  • Lay down to your back and put the pillow or the towel under the side which is to be examined for example the left breast is to be examined then place the towel under it and put the hand under your head and with other hand check by overlapping circular motion by the pads of three fingers, move up and down from outside of the breast and toward the chest, collar bones and toward the arm pit. Make sure that no spot is left. This process is repeated with other breast also.
  • Now check this with slight, medium and firm pressure to detect the breast tissues deeply.
  • In this way feel any lump, bump. Redness, swelling or any discharge from the breast.

All these are the alarming symptoms so carefully consult the doctor and proceed as he advised.

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