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Secrets Of Sexy Hair

Hair style play vital role in making our personality appealing. In order to look sexy and gorgeous following tip for hair kept in mind:

  1. Shampoo daily the hair is not the good way for giving them a style. Though it is necessary for oily hair but the hair style prefer the dry hair and use the dry shampoos to give them style.
  2. Create the bulk in hair either by using the blow dryer or by back combing. Or leaving them after night hair wash and not to comb or brush them. Leave them in night cap and open them up for style in morning.
  3. Choose the hair style which is according to your personality and facial looks. It may be bangs, curls, flicks or simple buns.
  4. Layering of long hair is the more sexy style which is in trends now days.
  5. Long layers give the fuller appearance and more helpful in maintaining the texture of the hair.
  6. Frizzy puffy hair has their own beauty if these are tamed in proper way. Apply the drop of shiny serum before blow drying and then give them style as you want.
  7. Like Katy parry if you have hair with shoulder length give them side partition and create loose waves in them.
  8. Use deep conditioners and serum to create the shiny look in your hair as It will do wonders in your sexy looks
  9. If you have hair with shoulder lengths not to curl the whole length of the hair just bend the lower ends of the hair and leave the upper rest straight. Wrap just the bottom of the hair around the curling rod. Twist the smaller sections of curling edges for piecy effects.
  10. Use leave in conditioner with sweet fragrance to create a scent in the hair.
  11. If doing simple braid or pony tail do the backcombing by taking the small section at the crown. It will become hottest style after doing this.
  12. If you bear hair which is naturally flat and straight then there is need of creating volume in them. Use voluminizer in damp hair strands. After this blow dry them then use your fingers to create the rougher looks in them .when the damp hair get completely dry mist of dry shampoo at the roots is great to create volume in them.

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