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Say Hi To 2015 With New Style

Say Hi To 2015 With New StyleI am so happy that we are going to see some very vintage looks this year cause we are going to try all old Hollywood look during this 2014, and as I always say, nothing is more sexier and the sweeter than vintage, but you need to keep one thing in mind that we are going to try some bolder and sexier with that sweet and cuter vintage looks and keep it more brighter and sharper when we go out at night, whereas day time look is still  pretty natural one and with that main theme we are shearing some very simple tips for all cosmetic lovers.



2015 Dress Styles Look

First of All I am Shearing Some Simple Tips For Night-time Makeup:

Nude colored shimmer/sparkle is an easy way to glam up this year, and the shiny and glossy would be the main theme of the year.

2015 Makeup Tips

Shimmery powder can be lightly applied over any shadow color and tapped onto the inner eye corner to jazz up eye makeup and as I told you that you are going to see so many shiny and glittery looks so when you apply shimmery powder on your old regular shades, it will actually help you get new look without bothering your pocket too much.

Use Lose shimmer or highlighter on the temple, upper cheekbone, down the middle of the nose and enhance your looks and if you are using topless then you can try some on all over the shoulders and get an incredibly hot look.

New Year Fashion Styles

Smoky eyes are still in, and they seems never to go off the trends, but this year you will see some sparkles on it too and for that use lose powder instead of using shades and use creamy primer to keep it in place.

Use matte brow pencil to extend eyebrows and then add some eye shadow to get the right look and pay attention on the blending to get right kind of look and use black velvety-liquid eyeliner and thick black mascaras, but don’t forget your whit pencil cause you will see white everywhere, some saying that white would be new black now.

New Year Jewelry Fashion

Next thing which is going to be too hot this year is few individual false lashes at the ends of the lash line which not only enhance the look, but it will actually help you get better look and brightness too , I like the idea itself though.

Last but not least, lipsticks are back, oh yes they are;)you can see everywhere, no transplant sheer lip-gloss anymore, just thick and smooth dark colors of lipsticks and if I say that red is beck then it will be more than just right, so don’t forget to carry your red hot lips at night.

Happy New Year's

Happy New Year 2015 Fashion Styles

New Year's Eve Looks

New Year Fashion Styles 2015

Different Fashion StylesAs I told you that natural and no effort look is still in this year for day time looks:)

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