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Sana Bucha EXPOSED Pakistani Media ‘For SALE’

Sana Bucha EXPOSED Pakistani Media 'For SALE'There are millions of Pakistani people (most of them are Facebook users) who think that Pakistani media is not independent—but Sana Bucha totally agrees and believes that.

You must saw many Facebook posts where Pakistani media channels are shown CAPTURED and FOR SALE. This can not be totally truth but what famous talk show host Sana thinks?

Sana Bucha EXPOSED Pakistani Media 'For SALE'2

“This elections in Pak, every1 – channel and anchor – is up for sale. I refuse to put a price tag on myself. Left Dunya of my own free will”, and then she left Dunya News. She wrote on her Twitter wall, “Another pun 2 add 2 the ones doing the rounds, thx to the bitchy spin doctors: ‘mera Dunya se Yaqeen uth gaya-Lekin khud pe Yaqeen qaim hai!”

The news really shocked the web (only) because such news can not make headline because such media sources (who are already on SALE), doesn’t allow to go viral such shocking claims.

Sana Bucha EXPOSED Pakistani Media 'For SALE'3

One Twitter users appreciated Sana’s move while writing, “A very strong statement. Admire your courage & commitment to profession ethics.” Another wrote, “Good on you, it’s nice to see someone with a free mind and not being pushed by its politically biased corporate.”

Sana Bucha developed some conflicts with Geo News and resigned, however she rejoined after resolving her issue with Geo TV network in July 2012. Sana again had developed some issues with GEO in November 2012 and as a result she resigned from Geo and joined Dunya News.

Sana Bucha EXPOSED Pakistani Media 'For SALE'4

There are some of the media reports that She was said to be upset over the doctor being asked to host a special program on Malala Yousafzai, the child education activist, shot by the Taliban. So, what do you say about Sana’s shocking claims against our media? Is she right that our media is “For SALE”?

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