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Royal Tour 2014: Kate Middleton Nautical Dressing in New Zealand

Kate Middleton Nautical Dressing in New ZealandKate Middleton ruled at waves as she beat her husband in a yachting race. The Duchess of Cambridge and Duke took the helm in 80ft America’s cup sailing boats in Auckland with the Duchess wining 2-0.

Kate even gave William lively victory salute as she sailed past him back to harbour. Once they reached open water, the Duke and Duchess were invited to take the helm of their two yachts, and race around a series of buoys.

The Duchess, dressed in a white Breton-style striped top by Me + em, slim fit navy jeans of deck shoes and a baseball cap, with her hair in a ponytail, and her race gear and water proof jacket, was out for revenge after the Duke beat her in a dragon boat race the last time they competed on the water, in Canada in 2011.

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Duke had specifically asked to have a light hearted race arrange for him and his wife. As soon as the race started though, she whipped it off and flaunted her athletic figure in her Breton striped top. As an experienced sailor who has practiced with her family in the Solent and has worked previously as a deckhand.

Kate was in her possession. She worked the yacht with dean barker, team New Zealand skipper and looked completely in control as she steered the boat. William, meanwhile, looked just as content joining forces with team  New Zealand manager grant delton.

Prince William had previously said that there would be healthy competition between him and his wife. Earlier that morning, the couple had paid a touching visit to the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base nearby; where they had the pleasure of meeting military personnel and their families, and thanked them for their services.

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