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Rock Salt For Beauty & Healthy

Normally sea salt comes from the seas and we gather some sea water in some pool and when the water get evaporated we get a very thin and very fine white sea salt with almost all of the qualities and the minerals of seas in it and that is one of the millions reason of its fame, today we are going to talk about the healthy and beautiful uses of sea salt.

One of the millions uses of sea salt is it has very magical qualities to calm your nerves down, you just add one tablespoon salt in your bath tub with lukewarm water and lie down in it for like 20 minutes at lest and then you will actually feel fresh and calm down, no matter how hard and how long your day was.

Next thing that I use it for is to wash my eye with it, I have dry eyes syndrome and I feel terrible when I work in front of computer for longer hours, I just add a couple of pinch of salt in cold water and blink in it for few seconds and I feel so cool and so good, you can use it to wash your eyes too.

Rock Salt For Beauty & Healthy

You can use it with lime to rub over your super oily skin and then let it get dry for a while and then wash it off with chilled water and you will love the result.

You can use salt in your day to day face mask and face scrub too to get smoother skin and if you have oily skin then this is very good for your skin and for your face, you can use it over your body too and it will literally kill body odder and if you have bad smell in your feet then you can rub your feet with that too and then wash and you will see the improvement.

How to Rock Salt For Beauty & Healthy

Sea salt is best thing to wash your teeth for your oral health, I don’t know if medically it is proven or not, but my family use sea salt and baking powder to brush our teeth and my grand ma had white shiny teeth at her 70s and I have very beautiful teeth even though I consume tea and coffee a lot, you can use it together as we keep it together in a bottle and then we wash our teeth with that twice a day, you will get beautiful  teeth and gums too and not to mention strong and healthy too.

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