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Right Way To Pluck Grey Hair

Right Way To Pluck Grey HairGrey hair look bad as these are the sign of aging which is inevitable fact of life. So we always to try to remove them or hide them before they are seen by anyone else. Regarding the plucking of grey hair there is myth. That is if we pluck them more hair sprout at their place. It is a disputing matter that plucking of on grey hair and see a bunch of grey hair at its place.

Some believe that the reason of this is that when you pluck the grey hair the sebaceous fluid which comes out with the root of hair is the cause of turning the other hair grey. If this fluid is avoided to touch with the skin or the other hair then you can protect the other hair from growing grey.

Other suggests that greying of hair is due to the deficiency of hair pigment in the hair follicle and if you pluck the grey hair then it will not affect the follicles of other hair. They continue to grow as previous unless their own quantity of color pigment is reduced. It never happen that three or four hair sprout from the single pigment less hair follicle.

But all the above discussion based upon myths. Actually the deficiency of proteins and vitamin B causes the hair pigment present in the hair follicles to die early. Secondly the genetic factor also works. Ancestors with early or premature graying of hair give the genetic history of graying of hair sooner .Sometime we blame stress and improper exercise for the premature graying of hair.


  • Select the tewzer with good grip to the root of hair. Straight edge to fine points are the different variety of tweezers. The selection depends upon your convenience and your practice. Select a tewzer which has no gap between two tips and they match with each other perfectly. It has firm grip to the hair in first attempt otherwise it will damage the other hair or irritate the skin.
  • Pin point the single hair and grip it with the twezer. Not to try two or three hair at once it will make the grip loose and also cause the damage of the hair follicles and create baldness.
  • Trace out the hair root and pluck the hair from root. It will help the hair to grow late also restrict the ingrowths of the hair.
  • Grip the hair in the centre of the tips of the tewzer and close to the root.
  • Pull out the hair suddenly by squeezing the tewzer. If the length of the hair is short then allow it to grow long so that pulling of hair is easy.

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