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Reema Khan Dazzles In HSY Bridal Gown At Her Walima Ceremony [PICS]

Reema Khan, one of the biggest name of Pakistan film industry was looking stunning and glamorous at her walima ceremony which was held at Lahore’s Peart Continental Hotel.


She was looking so beautiful while wearing the gorgeous dress from the bridal collection of Hassan Shehryar Yasin. There were many other high profile celebrities of Pakistan film, politics and medical industry who attended the much awaited walima ceremony of Pakistani Barbie Doll.


When Reema Khan came on the stage of the ceremony with her husband Tariq Shahab, all the guests and celebrities started clapping while they stand for the biggest pillar of Pakitan film industry, which is really in crisis now the days.

The famous TV anchor and drama actress Ayesha Sana, who hosted the ceremony, was also there who also stole the show—but the biggest attendance was “Scandalous Queen” Meera who came in the walima ceremony even she was not invited by the bride Reema.


Everyone was really surprised to see her. Meera attended the whole ceremony of valima. There were Syeed Noor, Jamshaid Zafar, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din and Sangita and Bahar Begum who were also in the guests who attended the ceremony.

Reema Khan married Pakistani born American cardiologist surgeon S. Tariq Shahab on November 16, 2011 at Virginia, United States.


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