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Red Carter 2013 Collection At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I am “Damn Sure” that none of you can have ever seen this kind of collection not me but all the viewers were stunned with the designing and the styles of the collection. That was the Red Carter 2013 Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miami Beach. “Ooh, she’s been a bitch tonight!” that was a sound opening voiceover said not only her but almost everybody in the fashion show was to say that when the first model Scissor Sisters “Kiki,” step on the runway for the displaying the outfit.

The way those models were exposing the creation by red carter it was adding the beauty to the dresses like hell. That was a perfect opening made by the showstopper wearing the best outfit out of Red Carter 2013 Collection. Rainbow-colored maillots and bikinis came out accompanied by disco ball “purses.” Models were presenting the traditional culture of tribal people but in the new colors and prints which was presenting a new picture of the ideas and thoughts.


Most of the collection was included swimsuits and Bikinis and Bras sets featured with the glitter in the form of beaded necklines, one truly stunning beaded triangle bikini, and three shimmering gold suits. Red Carter Collection has left everyone with the admiring tongues that it has introduced in a very blasting style. Especially in the collection the combination of gold and bronze color blocked number will have those doing double-takes as will the rainbow colored mosaic tile bikini which the model accessorized with a mirrored ball necklace.

Red Carter has really given a natural idea for the women to enjoy the feeling of another world while wearing its outfit on the beach. I am sure once you visit the stores of Red Carter you will not let a single piece to be kept on the shelves of the stores


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