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Recipies | To Reduce Weight

recipies-to-reduce-weightRecipies | To Reduce Weight- To tone up your waist line requires the trimming of waist. It is the difficult task. Usually the diet plan fails if the proper exercise is not done with it. Both are required side by side. While talk about the diet recipes for trimming the waist line we require the food which contain all essential nutrients in it as proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. But with all these the researches suggest that the eating grains with vinegar of any type will helps you to reduce all body fats .There are many of such recipes which are the combination of these two with the nuts to provide the essential vitamins to the body .


  • It requires the different seasonal vegetables as cabbage leaves, peas and tomatoes and adds in to it some almonds which are soaked overnight and peeled. Chop them and add in to your salad bowl. Add in it some vinegar approximately two table spoons in a bowl .It will be giving with the dressing of olive oil.


  • Take you; like fruits in blender. Mix them well and add few drops of vinegar in them if the fruit is other then of citrus origin. The key to enjoying a variety of juice recipes is to keep them simple.


  • ½ Cup of wall nuts, add in to it almost 1 cup of apricot after peeling the skin. Now add in it one table spoon of vinegar. With this add ½ cup of boiled chicken. Serve it with the dressing of vinegar.
  • This recipe is the good source of selenium and magnesia. This is helpful in bone formation and thyroid hormone function.

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