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Reasons of Weight Gain in Females

Unusual Weight GainOur weight gain problem is the most irritating situation for us especially when we are much conscious about it.

We take many steps but these seem to be failed to be working effectively. Why is it so? All these cause the stress and we remain anxious.



Reasons of Weight Gain

Here are Some Things Reasons of Weight Gain

The Reasons of Weight Gain are Categorized in Three

Medical problems
Unhealthy life style
Psychological problems

Medical Problems

There are many physical, medicinal ailments of the body which may be genetic or non genetic. These problems are the most difficult to handle and to cure. Some of these are as:

Treatments for Medical Problems


The thyroid glands situated in the neck at the sides of trachea secrete the thyroid hormone which is responsible for the metabolic activity of each cell. If some fluctuations are produced in their secretion and these may secrete less thyroid hormone in the body. As result of it the cell metabolism is slow down and the fats are starting to deposit with weight gain. It also causes lethargic state, weakness, increased fluid retention and iodine deficiency. Treatment is done by hormonal therapy and by diet plan.

Hyperthyroidism Before and After

Deficiency of Certain Fatty Acids

Sometimes we strictly avoid fats in our diet which results the lowering of essential fuels to carry on the process of metabolism, then body start to use all other nutrients to balance the insufficiency. These are accompanied with hair loss, dermatitis and eye sight problems with quick weight gain.

Deficiency of Certain Fatty Acids

Cushing Syndrome

It will cause increase production of cart sol hormone, which is the result of stress. Overproduction of this hormone causes the over production of blood sugar which accumulate as fats in the body.

Cushing Syndrome

Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

The type 2 diabetes in women is the result of sudden weight gain in women. As a result of insulin resistance is produced in the body and fats are stored in muscles.

Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Female Hormone Misbalancing

Obesity due to polycystic ovaries is also the cause of weight gain in the body.

Female Hormone Misbalancing For Reasons of Weight Gain

Unhealthy Life Style

Our unhealthy life style is also the main cause of obesity and weight gain. We have no proper schedule of awaking and sleeping. As result of it we get stress which increases the hormone cortisol in the body. Which in turn affect our weight? Our eating habits are also making us flabby. We take junk and processed foods which have enough unhealthy fats. These fats store in body making it overweight.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Psychological Problems

Some times we get the habit of emotional eating; it means we eat more when we are in stress or in depression. All this cause increase in weight, our financial pressures, social responsibilities make us stressful which result to create many psychological disturbances in the body. These cause an increase of weight.

Psychological Problems & Reasons of Weight Gain

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