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Reason That Your Job Is Making You Fatty

Reason That Your Job Is Making You Fatty
No think about the changes you can make while working with this job.

Reason That Your Job Is Making You Fatty Our job requirements are such that whole day spend in sitting with your desk. You have no time to walk and do some physical activity. You neither have enough resources to say good bye to your job, it is really a painful situation when you notice that you’re sitting for hours and adding many inches to your waist line. You get panic and find ways to reduce the weight. No think about the changes you can make while working with this job.

Following are the few guide lines to help you to come out from such situation:


DAILY COMMUTE: We know that our job is such that we have to sit whole day long. But when we take start for job to arrive in office we use bus car or any such transport which take us at the place with comfortable seat. We want the seating, when ever have to wait for bus at the point. We can burn the 100 calories by setting out from the home earlier and do the walk of 20 minutes for the office.

COFFEE OR TEA CULTURE: When we reach in office we   take a cup of coffee or tea with our colleagues with whole milk. Though we know that it will add 400 extra calories in our diet plan, why we not milk, avoid this cup of coffee or take a cup with skimmed milk.

INACTIVITY: As we know that our whole day will be spend with out moving, but this habit of sitting to your desk for continuous eight hour make us sluggish. We not take the advantage of the things by which we can move. As for lunch in lunch break, for going to wash room and by just moving our limbs in exercising position while talking with our colleagues.

BAD POSTURE: While we are working with our desk we forget our posture and try to complete as much as possible. As result of it we get tired and suffer with the problems of backache, pain in shoulder muscles or in neck. All this is due to uncomfortable seating, or the size of working table or the level of screen. Make all the tools and your working posture according to your comfortable level.

STRESS: We try to do more while working; this will increase the level of cortical and slow down the metabolism of the body. This will cause the weight gain and sluggishness and fatigue. Stress increases the craving of salty or sugary things which causes the higher intake of foods. High levels of stress increase the abdominal fats to great extent .Eat proper meal at proper times with stress free mental state.

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