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Raising Twins | Multiple Births

raising-twins-multiple-birthsRaising Twins | Multiple Births – The effective positive attitude is the need for grooming of every child. It is true not only for single but also for multiples or twins. In case of multiple or twins just your all efforts to be got doubled or more but with all these double efforts the fun is also doubled. Raising the twins is not different from an individual baby. The technique used to handle more then one child is same but some times  get to be different, in the sense that all are unique within themselves. However while raising more then one child you have to be affected and face many hazards.

However there are following tips to lessen the hectic of more then one child;

  • Twins may be of same gender or may be of different but there is no difference in their upbringing. If you follow the rule of paying attention to them as each individual.
  • Make the schedule for yourself as each child get to be cared singly, not to impose the schedule of one to other but it is better for you to make the time table similar for all. If you want to feed them both will be feed. If you want to sleep your child then both will be slept. It will save your time and energy.
  • Not try to compare them but consider them separately, so that they will develop with the sense that both are separate individuals and each will develop his own habits with his own thoughts and attitude. If more then two then they will given attention in such a way that the other will not think or feel that he is forgotten.
  • To raise more then one child is usually an exhausting process  and demands extra energy of yours as well as finances are also to be  doubled or four times  then the single. Each thing you need as food and diapers all are to be in extra quantity. So all this create the frustration in you so it is better for you that you should plan for each and every thing before delivery so that you can meet all their needs sufficiently.
  • Make your schedule in such a way that you will get time for yourself when the children sleeping you will also take a sleep; while they are playing you will read good books so that you will entertain your self. In this way you will get positive energy to handle them.
  • Always try to make your married relationship strong by loving and giving time to your partner because as a couple how you care and love each other your children imitate you in their life and they will become emotionally balanced personality.
  • Twins, triplets and multiple are often having awkward position in the society so try to develop in them some hobbies where they participate in groups.
  • Never refuse any support in case of handling  more then  one child , because it will  make you  more energetic and as well as you have some one extra to share their problems.

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