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How to Properly Clean Makeup and Cosmetics Brushes

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How to Properly Clean Makeup and Cosmetics Brushes

Proper cleaning of the makeup brushes helps in maintaining their shape. The brushes that are used to apply the liquid cosmetics need cleaning everyday, however, the other brushes need cleaning once a week or after 15 days. You can find a wide range of cleaning products for your makeup brushes in the market and perhaps you already have any of these cleaners. Some effective ways to clean your makeup brushes are given below: try these tips; you will definitely get the required results.

Different brush cleaner are available in the market and you can opt for any of these countless cleaners. Junoesque Professional Brush Cleaner might be a best choice. It contains gentle citrus smell and cleans all makeup, sterilizes and conditions the brush hair. Just squirt the cleaner on the brush and then clean the brush using a towel or paper towel.

Prepare a solution by mixing 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar and immerse your makeup brushes in the solution. Wash off brushes with tepid water. This is the best option for fumigating the brushes if they come in the use of multiple people.

Besides using shampoos for washing hair, you can use shampoos for cleansing your makeup applicators as well. Shampoos can cleanse your brushes regardless of their kind.

You can also use the mild cleanser, which you use to clean off the makeup from your face, to cleanse your makeup brush as well. Rubbing alcohol may also help you to clean the makeup brushes. Rubbing the makeup brushes over the baby wipes is another effective way to clean them.

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