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Problems Of Pregnancy

Though the news to be pregnant is the most exciting and pleasant to hear to your ears but with it there arises some fears and phobias come in mind to the expected mother and father as well. This news with itself might bring some complications. So the special attention is given to the pregnant woman by husband and all family members and friends. Because with mother a new life of unborn is attached.

So now a day due to our unhealthy atmosphere a well as habits of eating creating some deficiencies in the body which may appear in form of pregnancy complications during the period. The constant observation of doctor will solve most problems. However the common problems seen during pregnancy are as fellows.


  • It is commonly seen within mothers. If this occurs permanently it will create other problems also. So the chart will be developed for constant fluctuations in blood pressure and mother is kept under constant observations either in hospital or in home at bed rest. The early delivery is suggested in these conditions. The headache, with swelling in ankles, abdominal cramps and visual disturbance are the symptoms of high blood pressure. So it should be maintained.


  • IT is also a common symptom to be seen during any time of pregnancy. there are variety of reasons for this as vaginal infection, changes occur in the cell of cervix during pregnancy and any abrupt change occur it will cause bleeding, sometimes after non caring attitude during inter course in pregnancy also cause this. In early pregnancy the bleeding may cause miscarriage or the sign of entopic pregnancy. In late pregnancy it is sign that bleeding with mucus that the baby is ready to deliver.


  • If there is severe itching or formation of rashes with uncontrollable itching it is the matter of great attention. Because it ids the sign of some liver problem and dangerous for baby health.


  • There is other numerous problems are seen during pregnancy as morning sickness, vomiting, nausea, backache, abdominal cramps, skin spots, freckles etc. All these are due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. And these must be handled by frequent visits to the doctor.

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