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Pregnancy Week By Week & Pregnancy Calendar

You want more information about Pregnancy Week By Week.? Then To get Pregnancy is the most exciting and wonder full experience of the world. It is the period when each day and each week brings new changes within you and your baby.

Pregnancy Week By Week & Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Week By Week Calendar

The journey starts from the on set of pregnancy and ends up to the 40th week of pregnancy. The whole period brings much happiness as well as thrill within the body of mother. As the baby development take place and changes appear from the single cell to the complex body structure there are certain cares and attentions are to be needed and handled with great fragility.

First trimester – Weeks 1 to 12

  • It starts from congratulations and a cell develops within your body get to be fertilized by and now shall grow to an individual. In this trimester there is only the increase in the number of cells take place with rapid multiple divisions of them. The mother feels some changes in body as nausea, vomiting, Backache fatigue. Swings of moods and eating habits and stress are to be noticed. It is said that if the mother is not feeling the morning sickness then there will be chances of miscarriage.

Second trimester – Weeks 13 to 28

  • This is the period when the developmental changes are at peaks. The different organs of the fetus are formed and you will hear the sounds of heart beat and feel the movements of the baby within your self. This period is full of many excitements or to be considered as the’ period of pride” as now most of the symptoms which are seen in early period get to be disappearing and the body seems to be get energetic and stable inside. It also the period when the belly shaped up in pregnant belly form and you have started to wear me trinity clothes. The mental relaxation is seen during this period which is the great source of happiness.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy 29 TO 40

  • AS third trimester proceeded the baby now mature and all the organ development is almost complete and there is just an increase in weight of the body take place. Usually the baby is fully mature in 37 weeks and ready to deliver. The mother belly size increased much get the full form of pregnant. The symptoms are seen in first trimester again to be appearing as nausea, and sickness with fatigue. The frequent trips to washroom and heartburn are noticed due to baby’ body pressure toward inner side is seen. Mentally the mother though bit anxious for delivery pains and about the process of delivery but ready to welcome the new baby in her home ” pregnancy week by week “.

Pregnancy Week By Week

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