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Pregnancy Trimesters, First Trimester Diet

Pregnancy TrimestersPregnancy Trimesters :- When you first get to know you are pregnant, there are several questions that run through the mind regarding the diet to have during that period. Healthy and Nutritious Food is must during all the three trimesters but the first 3 months is crucial in order to continue with the next few more months. As during the early period most of the women get attracted to have coffee and sometimes experience sickness during morning times. Though it is difficult to change the life style and food habits suddenly and changing immediately is also not good for the baby as there can be lot of stress due to this to both mother and baby. It cannot be immediately necessary but slowly in the right direction of having good dairy products and healthy diet with egg during next month’s is also good.

Have less Caffeine Products. It can be better to have green white or herbal tea instead of having black tea or coffee which is not good when pregnant that can make one sick.

Morning Sickness Prevention:  Having well nourished and especially liquids like tea with hot water and ginger or soups those made of chicken which can give proteins is also good to handle morning sickness

Drinking Water:  Enough water needs to be taken even to get rid of morning sickness or to keep away from dehydration like headache, dizziness, weakness, dry urine.

Folic Acid: In addition to eating food items that are rich in folic acid there is also necessary to have few folic acid prescribed medicines during early stages so that this can be a healthy supplement to baby’s development of brain.

Protein Rich Food: Proteins need to be supplied adequately to both mother and child. These can be found in milk, meat, egg, fish and other dairy products. These proteins have amino acids that are building blocks for the body. Nuts, Beans and meat can also be taken.

Avoiding fatty foods is good for baby. And eating food in right amount is must as it is not good to gain too much weight. Exercising regularly besides diet is also good enough to keep fit and healthy but this needs to be done under proper guidance. Drinking alcohol is very dangerous for the baby. Nearly 300 calories everyday is a must during this period. Minimum of 0.4mg folic acid intake is a good vitamin supplement. Milk and Milk products supply calcium and Iron can be supplied through iron pills along with juices like orange and all these food items can be taken once consulted doctor during the period of pregnancy. It is really wise to follow the food timetable that give smart tips for healthier diet and hence a healthier baby too if the instructions followed wisely.

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