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Pregnancy Symptoms Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms Varicose Veins During Pregnancy
Pregnancy Symptoms Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Varicose veins are one of the evitable pregnancy symptoms, and almost 40% of expectant moms have to bear the throbbing puffed-up spider veins on their legs. However, one can fight and even eliminate this pregnancy sign in a number of ways, even if they are genetically prone to have varicose veins.

Causes of Varicose Veins or Spider Veins

Appearance of spider or varicose veins is attributable to a number of reasons such as genetics, standing for longer span of time, uncomfortable footwear and pregnancy etc.

Though a little can be done to cure a hereditary or genetic condition, but by introducing a few healthy changes in your habits, you can prevent or minimize this problem. These tips are very helpful for the pregnant ladies because during pregnancy the discharge of certain hormones cause walls of our veins to relax, making us more susceptible to varicose veins.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Varicose/Spider Veins

  • Figuring out the underlying cause of varicose veins is imperative to prevent the symptom successfully. Simply, varicose veins result when the leg veins ‘pop out’ down to the extra pressure causes by watered down veins and extra liquid in our system.
  • Improving circulation, taking more and more rest and preventing deposition of additional fluid in our legs are some of the effective ways to make our bodies strong enough to fight off the symptom. Some helpful tips to prevent varicose veins are given here:
  • Posture is one of the chief contributing factors varicose veins – sitting with crossed legs and standing for long hours contribute to fatigued and inflamed feet and increase your possibilities of getting varicose veins. So, if your job requires you sitting or standing for long, make sure to use a foot stool to improve circulation. Moving around and doing some easy leg and foot exercises may also help boosting circulation.
  • The second key contributor to varicose veins is shoes. High heels or stilettos squeeze your feet and get in the way of blood circulation. So, always wear comfortable footwear all through your pregnancy period to minimize the odds of getting spider veins. Don’t wear open footwear during summers as they will heat up your feet.
  • Don Support Tights – Support tights can do a lot for easing pressure on your legs and stimulating circulation. Sport them after getting out of bed in morning to avoid enlarged legs and inflated feet.
  • Try wear baggy and comfortable clothing whenever possible.
  • Take healthy and balanced diet; include cranberries, black berries and pomegranates in your routine diet. All these fruits boast natural properties that strengthen your veins.
  • Develop a habit of working out on regular basis.

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