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Pregnancy Symptoms Top Ten Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy symptoms Top ten signs you might be pregnant

It is hard to determine the pregnancy on the basis of menstrual cycle only because its time varies. So, if you miss the period it can’t be said for sure that you are expecting. There are many other signs as well that help you to determine if you are pregnant.

If you have missed period start noticing below given signs as well:

Morning sickness: Morning sickness is another sign of pregnancy. Many women suffer from morning sickness like nausea or vomiting etc. at the early stage of pregnancy. Sometime the “morning sickness” is being felt by the pregnant women at any time in the evening and in the afternoon as well. Even some mother-to-be women feel sickness all day.

Sensitivity of breasts: Another common phenomenon in the early months of pregnancy is sensitivity of breasts. If you notice swelling on your breasts, almost in the same as it occurred before you have your periods, it could be a sign that you are carrying baby in your womb. Swelling takes place due to hormonal changes that your body experience during pregnancy.

High basal body temperature: Another sign of pregnancy is the high basal body temperature. If you notice that temperature has stayed high for consecutive 18 days, you are maybe pregnant.

Frequent bathroom visits: Mostly women experience frequent urination during pregnancy period. It happens due to the increased amount of blood and other fluids in their and this increased blood and fluid level increases urination.

Missing the periods: Missing the period is also a powerful sign of pregnancy, If your menstrual cycle uses to be very proper and regular and your period does not arrive timely then take a pregnancy test first before noticing the above given symptoms of pregnancy.

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