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Pregnancy Sign And Symptoms

To be pregnant is the process which is sometime desirable and sometime undesirable. But always bring with it self some fears and some pleasures. The fears and phobias of to carry the pregnancy safely and pleasure is to welcome a new born or addition of tiny angel in your family.

Though some signs and symptoms of pregnancy are clear cut but some are obscure this sense that they are found in some women and absent in others. Even the same mother carrying pregnancy second or third time has different signs each time it is same as each child have its own individuality.

However the following are the indication signs of pregnancy:


  • The breast become swollen and the nipples become more erect and tender to touch and painful to touch. This is due to the hormonal changes occurring to prepare the breast for breast feeding to the baby.  The amount of estrogen and progesterone increased and these are such symptoms of breast are seen during the onset of pregnancy.


  • As the pregnancy to start the women feel fatigue and sleepy. This is due to the fluctuation of hormonal level and growth of the baby started toward its peak. The fetus getting nutrients from the mother and if the diet of mom is not sufficient she will feel such signs and symptoms.


  • This is the clear cut sign of pregnancy if periods are regular and in time then the periods vanish and the fertilized egg getting the blood and nutrients for its growth. Though there might be many other reasons for amenorrhea but it must be confirmed by pregnancy tests and ultrasonography.


  • The morning sickness is also to be experienced much during pregnancy. It may be due to nausea and vomiting. The reason of this is the increased level of estrogen and progesterone produced by fetus. This sickness may be due to the feeling of bad odor from anything which is edible or any thing to be used in home.


  • In the first and third trimester of the pregnancy it is most common experience. These are due to the extension of uterus during this period and create the inward pressure in the lower pelvis.

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