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Pottery Barn Kids’ Room Decor

The Pottery Barn is actually a home design and furniture company that’s foundation was put in 1949 in New York City as a single store. By year 1999, when the company launched its Pottery Barn Kids, it had developed into an accepted national chain known for its casual-modern American style. Moreover, the company also gives interior design advice and has published a huge library of home decoration books. The Pottery Barn applies a kid-friendly version of its center design principles to kids’ bedrooms.

Bed Baskets

Add three or four identical baskets to the footboard of a kid’s bed to provide her a storage place to store their belongings such as pajamas, socks or stuffed animals etc. Incorporate round lidless baskets with wide opening. However, do not use baskets of a stuff that snags clothes or little fingers. Wicker or plastic is ideal.

Chalkboard Walls

Incorporating chalkboards, offered by the company, in the kid’s room is another Pottery Barn room décor idea. Chalkboards walls and art supplies can keep your child busy for hours. All what you have to do is to tape off a locale of a wall and coat it with chalkboard paint. Sling pails of colored chalk on big plastic hooks nearby on the wall. Also provide a dampened sponge to your child to remove chalk dust.

Reading Nook

Set one corner of the room as the reading corner for your kid. Incorporate casual storage and a comfy seating in the reading nook so that your kid can do her homework comfortably. You can also install a bookcase in the reading area. Complete the look of room’s study nook with a cozy chair, such as a kid-sized brimming armchair, and nice directional lighting.


Exhibiting a kid’s own artwork can boost her self-confidence and her abilities too. Create two art-galleries in the room: a revolving gallery and a permanent one. Hang the most loved pieces in the form of a group in a prominent place after framing them. In a huge area, add numerous evenly-spaced parallel strips of corkboard to the wall. Tie art to the corkboard with thumbtacks. Change or rearrange the pictures to freshen up room’s look.

Child-Friendly Storage

Provide your kid with enough storage. This way your child will learn t keep her space clean and uncluttered. Use transparent storage baskets so they can spot where things go.

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