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Plain Basmati Rice Recipe

Rice is always count as the favorite dish of most of the people. Specially in Asian countries its demand is more than anything that is why Asian countries are consider as the biggest trader of the rice in all overt the world.

There are a lot of dishes which can be made with rice but some of them are most popular and liked by almost every one. Plain Basmati Rice is the most common in all over the Asia people like to serve plain basmati rice with many of the other dishes.

As it is liked by many of the people it is also very simple to cook even a non professional person can cook it at home by keeping some of the things in mind. Here I am going to narrate the recipe of Plain Basmati Rice.

Here are the simple Ingredients for the Plain Basmati Rice;

  • 1 cup basmati rice
  • 1 3/4 cups water
  • Large pinch salt


First of all the most important part that wash the rice in the cool water and drain it then let in socked in the cold water for about 30 minutes. Take a large pan and fill it half with the water and put it on the heat.

Then add a large pinch of salt in the boiling water, you can increase or decrease the amount of salt according to you taste. Well, before the water starts boiling add rice in the pan and stir, and wait until the water comes back to a full boil.

When you done with it turn the flame on the lowest point and let it cooked for 15 minutes by covering it all. After the 15 minutes gone end turn off the flame and let the rice in the same condition for about 5 minutes. After that uncover the pan you will see the finest dish ever which has been made by you.

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