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The PinkTree Company Latest Sawan Collection 2012 For Girls

The world brims with tales, sayings, anecdotes, singing praises and paying tributes to the unmatched bond called Friendship. The PinkTree Company is another manifestation of the power of this legendary alliance.

The PinkTree Company, whose main aim is to provide quality wears and fitting to you at a very reasonable cost with the best quality fabric and latest designs prepared by their experienced team, launched the stunning dresses for Monsoon season.

The famous fashion name recently launched beautiful and glamorous collection for the fashion lovers who always love to wear dashing and good-looking dresses according to the changing fashion trend in the region.


Monsoon season will host many parties of wedding and other events. There are many fashion designers and brand who are updating their collections and designs of dresses.

Many collections have already hit the stores and outlets nationwide. But if you are confused about the selection of color and design of your dress for any party.

Then no need to worry more because The PinkTree Company has launched their most anticipated collection. The PinkTree Company is a new name in the fashion industry of Pakistan who has started work to improve fashion and style in the country.

You can see in the picture about the beauty and unique looks of the collection. Dark, bright and very relaxing colors used in the collection.

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