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Pink Silver & Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today we are going to try a simple and interesting eye make up with Pink Silver and Purple shades and this is going to be your new favorite for sure.

Before starting this tutorial, let me tell you that you need to be very careful when you pick the shade for your eyes and shade of foundation in summer, because if you do not use the right shade then you will look dull and dry and you would end up with the look of tanned skin.

Now you need to start the makeup with moisturizer and prim and then you need to apply a fair foundation to get a fresh and pleasant look and you need to give it some time to get settle down and then you need to start with the shades and I would say that if you are using a darker shade then you need to get filer looking eye browns and for that you can use any eye pencil you want and fill your eye brow with that, now you need to take a lighter dust golden liquid form and apply all over your eye lid and rub it well and now you need to take plain bright golden highlighter and apply it under the eye brown to enhance the shape of your eye brow, you need to start from the inner corner and end it with the end and blend it well.

Pink Silver & Purple Eye Makeup

Now you need to take a light and a bit transparent silver shade and apply it on the inner half of your eyes lid and blend it with your finger and then take a hot and sharp pink color and apply that over the outer end of your eye lid and blend it inward and you need to blend it from outer cornea to inner corner and your eye lid would look darker shade to lighter shade,  now you need to take that same hot pink and apply that over your inner corner of your eyes,

Pink Silver & Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

but you need to make sure that you just apply over lower corner and then you need to take the most richest purple eye liner shade and apply a line over the lower lash line and you need to apply the stork to define the eye shape and let the edge cross the eye ends and then you need to take lose eye liner powder and apply a simple line ovary your lash and fish that look with mascara kajal and you are done.

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