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Physical Development 12-18 Months

As the development process of the child is a continuous process. Each one with normal growth rate passes through these developmental changes. These are the guidelines not a hard and fast rule. The process may be little bit slow and fast then this.

The baby is developing balance, co ordination and strength with the passage of time.

However the following developmental changes are seen in between these months.

  1. At this stage the eye and hand coordination improved much. Now the child can hold different small objects within his hand. He can turn the pages of the book, and can join the blockes.
  2. The child develops the communication skills. He can speak the words and start to use language   . He show pleasure and frustration in his likes and dislikes. He can follow simple commands to fetch something or to drop something. He shows his responses toward different behaviors.
  3. His thinking skills also start to develop, he start to think and analyze the different things and processing the different skills at this stage.
  4. He shows awareness to different surroundings.  He can solve simple problems by following instructions.
  5. His all senses as listening, smelling. Touching and speaking are continued to be more and more developed.
  6. He can now speak 10 to 15 words, so his vocabulary is increased.
  7. Now he can relate the cause and effect relation.
  8. Now the muscular movements are much more strengthen. He can walk and even can take big steps but it is also with crawling.  He can now climb and toys which enhance his walking and other motor muscles are helpful for him.
  9. Now its the time when the character is building with great speed. So try to have positive attitude for child a well as for all things which are relevant to child.
  10. Try to develop the positivistic approach in child behavior by speaking simple encouraging sentences and by teaching him good lessons either by your body gestures or by communicating with him.

So support the child at this stage in playing manner is essential to develop the best reflexes in the child.

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