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Pakistani Fashion Designer Mina Hassan

Pakistani Fashion Industry is full of fashion designer who are launching their collections and creations on the daily basis some of them successfully get the attraction of the people and some unfortunately could not get such kind of fame. Well, here are also some of the designers who has got the fame on their own.

Mina Hassan is one of those strugglers who has started her fashion designing in the with the small volume of designing stuff that was the time when fashion industry was in the middle of developement and she started her struggles with her best. In 2002 Fashion Designer Mina Hasan started her own fashion house with her own name.

She made her name a brand which has no compromise for quality. She told that she had deep interest in fashion Designing in her early age and started to design stuff for her family and close friend and with their appreciation and support she stepped in the fashion industry and today Mina Hasan has become fashion designer Mina Hasan.


Under her fashion house she was known for haute couture but later on she shown her interest in the Prêt-à-Porter. Mina Hasan says that her aim is to “create clothes that are, put simply, glamorous and unapologetically regal.”

Fashion Designer Mina Hasan’s fashion house is specially known for the finest production she says that “she really believes in producing clothes of the highest quality and every process is vigorously monitored at each stage of production.”

Mina hasan believes that dress is the one of the most important aspect of the woman’s personality that can never be ignored so it should be less than best. Mina Hasan has recently stepped in the beauty side she has open a salon under his brand with the collaboration of her niece Natasha this is a brilliant step and a prove that she has succeeded.

Mina Hasan has frequently launched her collections which are available in the Zamzama and many of the other international brand stores in Karachi while in Lahore here are the number of boutique in which shelves are full of her designing stuff on M.M. Road.

Mina Hasan has also designed her best collection for the Noor-e-Armaan (For India which exhibits four times annually at the Jalsa exhibitions in Bombay and Delhi). she has also attended several times the international exhibition like Shimmer exhibit in Dubai and at the APPNA conference in America with her creation which was liked by people a lot.

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