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Pakistani Designer Bridal Frocks 2013

Pakistani Designer Bridal Frocks 2013We are going to talk about the top brands of Pakistani bridal frocks 2013 and as we talked earlier Pantene bridal couture week 2013 was loaded with the best of best and the wedding dresses for the brides was out of this world, designer did show that they are actually feeling that they have so much competition and they need to bring out the best of them all, we saw more than 100s of dress and the each and every dress was marvelous and showed that the maker made the best of him/her.

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Every bride wish to look like princess on her wedding day and that was the main theme of Pantene bridal couture week 2013 I guess cause every dress was like it was being made for a queen for a princess and the dresses were chosen very carefully and the show was looking a big huge fancy wedding and the designers took care of each and every aspect of the dress from quality, cost, your body type along with designs and as we all know frocks are still in and they are going to be the style for weeding dress too we saw that they have fork for bridal for mehndi and for normal casual dress too and the formal dress e were marvelous.

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Various designers were there to show case their style and there were wedding sharara, gharara, bridal lahanga, mehndi dresses, formal party and wedding frocks and gowns with heavy traditional embellishments on neckline, sleeves and kamdani dupata, but they picked frocks to make experiments with and you are going to see some magical designs and styles this season.

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There were some with long uppers made with heavy fabrics too and there were some plain shamooz with printed jammaawar and thick gotties and the thick motives around the waist line and on the back and there were some with multicolored long patroness on the plain shafoons and nets and I love the way they used two three sheds in one dress and make it look like gorgeous.

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