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Pakistani Bridal Lehengas

Pakistani Bridal Lehengas: While talking about traditional Pakistani and Indian bridal dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is Bridal Lehenga, Saris, and Shalwar kameez. Although Sari is the wedding dress the most popular in North India but Indian brides still prefer to wear a lehenga choli for the big day. It is made from luxurious fabrics with shiny heavy and elaborate decorations. Decoration of wedding lehengas is usually in the form of embroidery in silver or gold wire, stone work, modes of crystal and sequins.

Bridal Lehenga is one of the most common and traditional dress of Pakistan and India. It was a time when women wear lehenga in a routine life. Now, however, it is only available for the parties, such as weddings, commitments, and festivals. The whole band made up of full-length skirt, blouse and dupatta. Skirt or lehenga is usually tied with the bridal’s waist. Reaches below the ankles and some lehenga designs makes the length of lehengs long that it touch to the ground. Shirt, also called a top or choli or blouse, which as well play an important role in this outfit.

Bride has 4 different options for styles in lehenga. The first is a fishtail lehenga dress, which is a knee- body embrace and then flows out of a number of flares. The second style of lehenga is straight cut which tends toward legs simultaneously in the same way as the wrap skirt. A-line lehenga is also very popular.
It was translated as the skirt-shaped cone is narrow at the waist and then flared out to the ankle. The most latest and in lehenga is flared lehenga which is really heavy and gives royal look. The fabrics used to make wedding lehengas are usually rich fabrics, which are thick, shiny and good pall. The fabric used is more satin, which is used because it has an elegant texture. Other styles include tissue which has an imperial finish, mesh type clothe, georgette and crepe and georgette all of them gives a really excessive feel.

In addition, the decorations are used on these substances is also make the lehenga look more fantastic and ideal for a wedding. The most common wedding Lehenga’s colors are red maroon and pink, but now brides are open to experimenting with many variations. Nowadays, gold, copper, brown, green, turquoise, red and yellow colors are increasingly popular which makes the bride unique.

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