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Outdoor Safety For Children

Babies are the more fragile and delicate creation of the universe. The human babies are much more delicate as compared to other creations of the universe. So these require full time supervision because there is no substitute of proper supervision. There are following instructions for the baby’s safety and care when the parents go outside with their babies or when they are alone:

  1. When the child can not walk he is with you full time so then there are no special instructions for safety of the children as compared to the toddlers. These children need only the protection from climatic conditions as too cold and too hot. So while going outside you will dress him up with suitable seasonal clothes to protect them from environmental hazards.
  2. As he is dependent upon you for all his needs so must be kept safe from all insects and other harmful substances. He must keep away from dirt and smell of any type.
  3. At public places he must be protected from smoke and any indifferent people exposure.
  4. As he become a toddler he is more interested in playing so it the time to teach him about the things which are harmful for him.
  5. He must be aware by the traffic accidents and informed and beware by the traffic rules.
  6. While he is playing in the playground he must be told that what type of the care should be taken from dirt and not to dirty his hands and clothes from the dirt.
  7. He must be protected from the watery places as swimming pools.
  8. The child must be kept under observation when he starts to climb at some heights.
  9. He should be warned from such games which cause injury or any other sports objects which are harmful for him.
  10. He must be well informed not to attend any people to whom he does not recognize and not give lift to any person to whom he does not know.
  11. He must be forbidden to take the some edible thing from unknown persons and refuse the offers of any known.

So it is the matter of great care that child should be secured enough outside as inside the home.

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