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Nose Piercing Advice & Aftercare

If you really want to get your nose pierced then you need to pick the one which has good reputation and which is approved with healthy department and when you go there you need to keep an eye that they are using the new and fresh needles and tools and they are taking care of all the healthy and security measures.

You can use the simple solution to clean it and if you keep it clean it will prevent all kind of germs and infections here are a solution for you to use.

Packaged sterile saline solution with no additives or a non-iodized sea salt mixture and mix it with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into one cup of warm distilled or bottled water and mix it well and store it in a glass bottle and use it when you feel that you are getting some kind o irritation.

Nose Piercing Advice & Aftercare

When you have got it done then you need to make sure you are keeping your hygiene intake, wash your hands before touching it and it is best if you don’t touch you piercing without any reason.

If you use saline soak for five everyday then ten minutes once or more per day and you can make it at home too, take a cup of warm saline solution with a form and then apply that over your piercing and that will help you deal with your germs and it will help you get healed too.

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

If you are trying to get it healed as soon as possible then don’t use soap more than once in a day and then try to keep your skin clean and dry and try sauna that will help you get healed quicker.

Summer or winter is the best time for getting your nose pierced because it will help you get healed sooner and faster and try to don’t touch it too much and in case you get any kind of infection then don’t wait and get to the doc as soon as possible and he will deal with it.

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