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Natural Make Up For School

Natural Make Up For School


Today we are going to help you get ready for your school, but not study wise, look wise, we are going to help you get the perfect look for your school, it would be natural, perfect and flawless and at the same time it will take no more than 10 minutes, but never forget to spend 20 when you remove your makeup in the night, cause teen skin is the most sensitive and the most delicate in the world, so you better take care if you do not want to face acne, pimples and premature aging.

How to Do Natural Makeup For School

If you are going to start your high school in coming future then you need to know something, how to make some simple, but innovative hair styles and how to get a perfect, but natural look with cosmetics cause you might want that when you start your high school where you will see every girl in perfect eyes, skin and hair and no one will complain about their looks and you might feel that you needed to spend some time when you have time to learn these things, so here are some simple tips for you guys to get a perfect look with cosmetics, although at this part of your age you don’t need to use foundation or things like that cause you would have the perfect skin in your perfect time of age, am I right?
So here are some simple steps that you can try to get natural looking perfect look.

Natural Eye Makeup For School

First of all you need to maintain a perfect skin and for that you need to keep your skin and face so clean and you need to understand that if you don’t maintain a good hygiene then you cannot look beautiful, so now we will assume that you have clean and beautiful face and we will start with the look,, now you need to wash your face with worm water for one whole minute and then add some chilled water and cleaning it  and then tap dry your face and apply some tone, and moisturize  on your slightly wet skin and rub very gently and you need to make sure that you are applying with cleaning hands and then give it some time.

Natural Looking Makeup

Now if you really have to apply some foundation then this is the right time, you just need to take some in your hands and then rub it between your palms and make a smooth and glossy mixture and then apply with your hands and massage with your hands from your chin to forehead and make a smooth look, you should not use conceal, cause it is too harsh for your soft and delicate skin.

Now you need to take some smooth and natural shades to define your eyebrows and your eyes, for example, if you are a white blond then you can try nice brown shaded for your eyebrows and light natural shade or pink, peach and orange for your eyes, if you have light shaded eyes too then you can try some grays and some silvers too, but if you are brown then pick the color of your hair for your eyebrows and some exotic shade for your eyelids.

Fresh Natural Makeup

I would say that you should avoid any obvious touch on your face, but if you have to apply mascara and liner then try some natural colors, but no black at all, if you have blond eyelashes then you can try some nice brows and some dark grays too and use lash curler first and then apply mascara. Use blusher of nice shades or you can always try bronzer, it’s my all time favorite thing in cosmetic and looks so good, but if you don’t know your shade of bronze then you could end up with a fashion disaster look.

Lip gloss is something that will finish your look.

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