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Natural Homemade Remedy for Eyesight Weakness

We are sharing some sampled very effective tips to improve your eyesight and we are sharing a very famous Ayurvedic tip with you that will not only help you get strong and sharp eyesight, but it will help you with your never system too and for that you just need these few things.

Natural Homemade Remedy for Eyesight WeaknessSugar candy, 100gm+Fennel seeds, 100gm+Poppy seeds, 100gm+White pepper powder, 100gm+Almonds, 100gm
Now you need to grind all of these ingredients in one clean and dry grinder and make a fine and smooth powder and store it in air tight jar and best if you keep it in your refrigerator and take 1 tablespoon of this powder every morning before breakfast or at night after dinner with 1 glass of milk and if you can use worm milk with honey then it will work even better and you will see a difference really soon. There are lots of reasons of weak eyesight and there are so many bad impacts of these cause too, sometime a weak eyesight show that there is something wrong with the system of your brain or with neurons and you need to get an appointment with your Neurosurgeon as soon as possible.

The another reason of weak eyesight can be a bad and unbalanced diet and you can controlled it with healthy and balanced diet plan and for that you just need to see which healthy food group is good for you and which one is not good for your body and your organs specially your eyesight.

Drink lots of fresh juices for better eye sight sporadically drink the juice of lettuce or use the lettuce leaves in salads and that will actually help you lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle too and it is very good for your eyes power too.

Peanuts or raisins is great thing to add in your daily diet and it will not only help your brain and your body, but they are best to increase the power of your eyes and it can actually protect your skin and your eyes too and they are loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals and you should add a huge amount of vitamin C in your food and better if you pick the natural resources.

Keep a regular routine of visiting your optical at least once a month and look after your eyes today; you might want to use them in future 😉

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