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Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Natural Eye Makeup TutorialToday we are going to create a very beautiful natural day to day look and the funniest thing about this look is, it will take no time at all, especially if you have steady hands, the only thing I want you to do is get perfect skin, I am totally against of thick heavy base for day to day life and for that you need to have flawless skin and we will pay all the attention on eyes and then we will apply some blush and finish the look with lip-gloss, do you know red is in nowadays for day today look, and since summer is here, it look so colorful and fresh.

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown EyesSo we pretend that you have been looking after your skin and you don’t need foundation or concealer and you can survive with tint moisturizer, well we will start with washing face with muslin cloth and warm water and blend well and splash some chilled water all over the face and then we will apply tint moisturizer all over the face and finish the look with lose lightest face powder all over your face, now we will take eye primer, this is very important for day time look cause it will not only keep your look intake all day long, but it will help you get perfect long lasting look with easy and natural looking blending and I am pretending one more thing that you have a regular routine to get your eye brows shaped professionally at least twice a month.

Now we will apply some lighter then skin tone primer on the eyes and then we will blend well, now if you have some flows or dark circles then cover them and apply some lose powder to make your skin grease or moisturizer less or it will make your mascara run out of the eye LOL.

Now we will take natural shade to fill in eye brows, we will apply very natural shape too and we will blend super well till it look super natural, now we will take matte light peach eye shadow and we will wash the lid with it, I am taking the shade with small brush and we will apply it all over the lid, and then when you blend it well, take some more and tab apply the same shade on the lid, and then we will rub it a bit to create perfect look.

Smokey Eye Makeup TutorialNow, take a matte light brown eye shadow and with small crease brush and we will apply it in the socket and crease areas and we will use thin brush to define the eyes and add some depth in your eyes too, and then take blending brush to spread the shadow and blend well.

Now we will take light brown pink shade with small brush and we will line the lower lash line too and we will keep it super natural, just to give some overall look to your eyes, and then take brown pencil eyeliner and apply a very smooth line on the upper lash line don’t make it too obvious look, we are using brown eye liner instead of black because it looks softer and more natural and it does not make your eyes look artificial an then finish the look with brown mascara.

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