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Natalia Pereverzeva Russian Miss Earth: ‘My country is a beggar’

That is totally ridiculous that what she have said about her home country to get the attention of the people and the judges as she has pronounced her country with the very odd word that is “Beggar” during her conversation on the stage it made people wonder that the word she has used about the country which is she belonged to.

Natalia Pereverzeva is quite a strong contestant for the international beauty contest Miss Earth, that event is quite different you can say similar to Miss Universe and other pageants but with a twist – competitors are expected to be both gorgeous and environmentally aware.

24-year sian beauty pageant contestant has made her self controversial in the beauty contest by calling her country with the word “Beggar” that was quite astonishing.

Well, the incident got happens when Natalia was asked a question by the jury that what has made her proud about her country in which response.

She said, ‘My Russia, it is bright, warm, patched, but it is so pleasant to slumber under it on a winter evening when the storm rages outside. My Russia, it is a kind cow with very big eyes, funny horns and always chewing its mouth oh, what sweet milk she gives! Oh, how it smells — meadow herbs and the sun.’

Than she carried on by saying that, ‘But my Russia — it is also my poor, long-suffering country, mercilessly torn to pieces by greedy, dishonest, unbelieving people. My Russia, it is a great artery, from which the ‘chosen’ few people draining away its wealth. My Russia is a beggar.’

She added, ‘My Russia cannot help her elderly and orphans. From it, bleeding, like from a sinking ship, engineers, doctors, teachers are fleeing, because they have nothing to live on.’

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